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Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.

About us

Zycie Kolorado - /ˈʐɨ.t͡ɕɛ colorado/ (“Colorado Life” in English), is a monthly newspaper dedicated to serving Colorado’s Polish Community

Życie Kolorado co-financed by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Polish Republic through Consulate General of the Polish Republic in Los Angeles

We are a team of creative individuals who are proud of our Polish heritage

The newspaper was founded by Katarzyna Hypsher and first distributed on September 1, 2009. In addition to commercial advertising, Zycie Kolorado contains a free public service calendar of arts, entertainment and sporting events of particular interest to the Polish Community. We also would like to promote Polish culture in Colorado by attracting Americans to our events and businesses. 

Circulated free through retailers in Metro Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs Zycie Kolorado is the efficient way to access over 20,000 potential Polish speaking customers.

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Our contributors

+ Grzegorz Malanowski, Tomasz Skotnicki, Bożena Janowski, Halina Dąbrowska, Piotr Gzowski, Witold-K (Kaczanowski), Bożena Janowska, Adam Lizakowski, Barbara Popielak, Eliza Sarnacka-Mahoney, Kasia Suski, Hanna Czernik, Paweł Korowajski hm, Szymon Łobocki, ks. Stanisław Michałek SCh, Katarzyna Zak, Kazimierz Krawczak, Małgrzata Cup (CA), Irene Sturm (CA), Bogumił Horchem (AZ)